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FTA chars used in this home page are availble as JEPG files below.

It is free to download these files for non-commercail, educational purpose.

The above FTA chart is available in JPEG format.
FTA Part-1 E.jpg
JPEGファイル 153.7 KB

The following are the additional FTA charts which continues from FTA-1.

Feel free to download for your study.

FTA Part-2 E.jpg
JPEGファイル 156.8 KB
FTA Part-3 E.jpg
JPEGファイル 146.7 KB
FTA Part-4 E.jpg
JPEGファイル 121.1 KB

The following JPEG files are AND gate and OR gate which can be used on Excel sheet or Power Point.

AND gate
AND gate.jpg
JPEGファイル 1.4 KB
OR gate
OR gate.jpg
JPEGファイル 1.5 KB

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