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IA&CI(Incident Analysis & Communication Institute) is studying various incidents using FTA(Fault Tree Analysis) as a tool to analyze the facts & causes of incidents. The results of FTA analysis suggest us the measures how to avoid the same or similar incidents in the future.

 Also IA&CI is studying communication necessary to prevent incidents.

 To anyone who has difficulties in FTA or communication skill, IA&CI is willing to help.


 IA&CI strongly recommend using FTA to analyze incidents and/or close calls you experienced. The results of FTA will be helpful to prevent similar incidents in the future.


For more detail, please see the attached sample case which is very simple and easy incident.

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October 11th, 2017

Process Safety Beacon is a leaflet issued by CCPS (Center for Chemical Process Safety) each month to improve safety level of chemical and petrochemical plants all over the world. We Safety group of SCE-Net is translating the PSB into Japanese and the translations are shared by CCPS's home page and SCE-Net's home page.

This voluntary work was appreciated by AIChE and CCPS as attached. This encouraged our team to translate PSB's in the future and more work for Chemical Process Safety.

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